Luke Anthony

Luke Anthony is one of Sydney’s distinguished fretted stringed repairers and an up and coming guitar maker. During his 20+ years in the instrument service and repair industry, Luke has had the opportunity to work along side some of Australia’s leading instrument retailers and finest craftsmen.

From a young age Luke has been a passionate about music and musicians. This passion is what led him to study abroad at one of Canada’s most reputable Guitar Building & Repair Schools. Luke carries a Diploma of Guitar Building & Repair from the Summit School of Guitar Building, Qualicum Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.

Throughout the duration of his career Luke has worked under the guidance of Pier Crocker for 3 years and built guitars alongside Gerard Gilet for 4 years as of may 2017. In addition to working with acclaimed craftsmen, Luke has worked with such retailers as Allans Billy Hyde and such musicians as;

Members from Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Inxs, Silverchair, Matt McHugh, Guy Sebastian, COG, K.D. Lang band, Thirsty Merc, Leon Gaer, and 100’s of lesser known but equally important local musicians.

While being a lover of all things music, Luke is particularly admiring of all things guitar. From tweaking tones on amp simulator software to wiring vintage horseshoe pickups, he is continuously looking for inspiration so that it may reflect in his work.